Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Those Eyes

I look into his eyes
So full of emptiness
As he searches for a way
To cure himself of his distress

I see him every morning
And he looks into my eyes
Searching for some comfort
But comfort haven't I

He longs for one to love him
A shoulder on which to cry
Someone to give him comfort
Someone to share his life

He searches for a savior
As he looks o'er my way
But a savior I can't give him
As I am why he pains

He searches for a savior
But it seems he hopes in vain
He wishes I could take him
But him I cannot save

And so he just goes on
Clinging to the hope
Someone will come to rescue
Him from this sinking boat

But I just look into his eyes
And only hurting do I see
And as I look into those eyes
My mirror stares back at me

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Bid the Blood

Bid the blood flow
From these mortal veins
That through the spilling of self
I might come to change

I am what I am
Though not what I will
For complacent am I
Under mask made of steel

Bid new blood come
And with it new life
And a heart that be willing
To defiance, defy

Wellsprings of Faith
Strength give to my heart
Hope and love too
May they ne'er depart

Render self helpless
To strengthen my soul
Life anew do I need
So bid the blood flow

Sunday, July 2, 2006

A True Friend

Life is flashing
Emotions clashing
And time has lost its way
The world as you know it
Turmoil and hurt and
Seems dark both night and day

But never fear
For I am here
And I will soothe your hurting spirit
Either night or day
Ill ease your pain
Just call and I will hear it

Just give me your cares
Worries you cant bear
Ill hold them for a while
Ill take you in
My arms and then
Ill comfort you while you cry

Always there
No matter where
And it doesn't matter when
Ill take your pain
Till you're strong again
Because I am your friend


Love is like a candle,
So softly warm and bright,
Yet when love is extinguished,
The day turns into night.

But when I look into your eyes,
They slow down life and time,
And just for that one moment,
I know that I'm alright.

So I gaze into the eyes,
That captivate my soul,
And I wonder if I,
Could e'er be good enough.

Now here I am again,
The words I cannot find,
To express to you how I feel,
Mere words cannot describe.

Your eyes shine bright and deep,
And they steal my heart away,
Such beauty Ive never seen,
And I don't think words can say.

Your smile lights up the room,
And slows time to a halt,
Emotion overwhelms me,
And this moment seems so long.

But you pass me by again,
And my spirit cries desperately,
Cries out to say I love you,
But courage I have not in me.

So you go on your way,
And my heart cries silent tears,
Such love I have in me,
Yet it seems my greatest fear.