Sunday, July 2, 2006


Love is like a candle,
So softly warm and bright,
Yet when love is extinguished,
The day turns into night.

But when I look into your eyes,
They slow down life and time,
And just for that one moment,
I know that I'm alright.

So I gaze into the eyes,
That captivate my soul,
And I wonder if I,
Could e'er be good enough.

Now here I am again,
The words I cannot find,
To express to you how I feel,
Mere words cannot describe.

Your eyes shine bright and deep,
And they steal my heart away,
Such beauty Ive never seen,
And I don't think words can say.

Your smile lights up the room,
And slows time to a halt,
Emotion overwhelms me,
And this moment seems so long.

But you pass me by again,
And my spirit cries desperately,
Cries out to say I love you,
But courage I have not in me.

So you go on your way,
And my heart cries silent tears,
Such love I have in me,
Yet it seems my greatest fear.

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