Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Those Eyes

I look into his eyes
So full of emptiness
As he searches for a way
To cure himself of his distress

I see him every morning
And he looks into my eyes
Searching for some comfort
But comfort haven't I

He longs for one to love him
A shoulder on which to cry
Someone to give him comfort
Someone to share his life

He searches for a savior
As he looks o'er my way
But a savior I can't give him
As I am why he pains

He searches for a savior
But it seems he hopes in vain
He wishes I could take him
But him I cannot save

And so he just goes on
Clinging to the hope
Someone will come to rescue
Him from this sinking boat

But I just look into his eyes
And only hurting do I see
And as I look into those eyes
My mirror stares back at me