Wednesday, January 31, 2007

.44 Magnum, A Poem and a Question Posed

A six-shot revolver,
Was placed to his head,
With rounds of caliber high.
Life flashes fast,
As the trigger is pulled,
For the end of that life is nigh.

Life's naught but fleeting,
A moment in time,
But granted eternal import.
A decision made poor,
Or one not made at all,
Will forever cement your remorse.

To where will you go,
When that fell hammer drops,
To where does your soul set it's path?
Judgment before you,
Second chance not afforded,
What say you is what He will ask.

Everyone in life is faced with a question: "Where will I go after I die?" Is there an afterlife, reincarnation, or is it all just over? A question pared with the previous is this: if there is an afterlife - a Heaven and Hell we shall say - to where do I want to go and how will i get there? Life is the longest thing anyone does, but as the poem suggests, it's often not as long as we expect it to be.

When you lift your eyes and gaze at the future that lies before you, where do you see yourself? Where will death carry you, Heaven or Hell? Through the decisions I have made in my life I know my path is one set towards Heaven. But what of you? Perhaps it may be the time for you to take a step back and lift your gaze to meet that of your end and make a decision as to where it is that you would like to spend your eternity. Life can be compared to a game of Russian Roulette. Every morning you wake up you mae your decisions and spin the chamber; you never know just what will happen. Life comes at you hard, but death is unforgiving of mistakes.

Where will you stand?