Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beneath a Sky of Black

Beneath the sky of black
A fragile mortal stands
Weary, alone, and frightened
His gaze glides o’er the sands

Time has lost its’ meaning
His life has lost its’ way
He battles with emotion
But emotion has its way

His eyes stream crystal waters
As a sob escapes his throat
His sadness overwhelms him
On another sob he chokes

Alone among a thousand
With his tortured dreams this night
So many all surround him
But none will ease his plight

With fear inside his heart
And hatred on his mind
He screams at God for answers
But answers doesn’t find

For desires of flesh are what he wants
Forgiveness what he needs
But mortal doesn’t know this
And on his sin he feeds

This mortal once was strong
A force with which to be reckoned
In control he thought he was
But then his demons beckoned

He attempted to appease them
And so offered them a token
But beneath that sky of black
This mortal then was broken

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