Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awaken, you who sleep.

I gaze at the horizon, stained crimson with the glow of a summer sunset, and hold on to hope. The hope that someday the people of this world will lift their eyes and set their gaze upon the future and all that we could be. The hope that we will step forth from the ashen remains of what we once were and begin life anew at the feet of our Maker, in the world he molded with mere words.

The time is now, my friends. Let us rise to our feet and cast off the sordid veil from our sleeping souls so that we may cast His light upon the world. Arise, O dreamer, and join in the ranks of the purified. We will let no stone cry out for us; nay, should any mountain stand in our way we shall cast it into the sea.

We are the children of the Most High, sanctified by the blood of the Son. Though we be but men, we carry with us the shining splendor of His grace and majesty. Our quest is to bring message of His forgiveness and hope that will wash away the pallid shroud of sin. No longer shall we be imprisoned by the desires of our flesh.

Come the day of reckoning we shall stand tall in the face of our adversaries with His truth as our mightiest weapon. We will not falter; nor will we let victory slip from our grasp. We are warriors sanctified by His sacrifice, and we shall not allow the sins of this mortal world to even slow our stride.

Awaken, you who sleep. The dawn of a new day is breaking, and He paints in the colors of the sunrise a portrait of glorious victory.

Update: It seems someone from the Christian Crew's artistic group ACE took it upon themselves to make a song to kind of go along with my writing. Available here. Thanks Vivi!

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