Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Hard Look at the Heart of American Freedom

Starting within the next couple days I'm going to start a series of articles on my opinions, thoughts and ruminations on the first 10 amendments to the Constitution - better known as the Bill of Rights.

I'm going to explore the history of each and attempt to discover why the founders of this nation thought them all so important, as well as how they apply to you and me today. It's been a long ride, this great country of ours, and the political, technological and social landscapes have changed dramatically over these many years. When the First Amendment was drafted, there was no television, radio or widespread print media. When the Second Amendment was devised there were no semi-automatic firearms, machine guns or even modern smokeless powder for that matter.

Time has had quite an effect on this country and her people, but the freedoms set forth by the Bill of Rights are still just as relevant today as they were well over 200 years ago. So check back every now and then for my articles on our most precious freedoms, starting with one of the most important: our Freedom of Speech, Religion and Assembly.