Monday, November 2, 2009

The Righteous Fight: A Poem

Here am I
Attempting to disassemble the system of lies
Which the world has put forth in front of your eyes
Is perhaps the word I seek
To place you in my frame of mind
Christ said of the meek
They shall inherit the Earth
Though He spoke not of the weak
For there is an intrinsic worth
In the humble and bold
And as for me I will hold
Fast and steady to the truth I seek
Though the future looks bleak
I will not hold back
But rather keep on track
Gaze steady and strong
I will dive headlong
Into the darkness before me
No call to attention or warning
The darkness trembles before me
For with me I carry
The Light of all Lights
In whose truth and whose might
I shall not lose sight
Of the righteous fight
Or the truth for which I stand
For I am no mortal man
But strengthened in Christ
In whom I can do all things
Fly on eagle's wings
Soaring to heights
I could never imagine
I'm filled with such passion
I will never be quiet
I will lead forth a riot
An invasion of faith
An army of love
To stand against hate
My strength from above
This battle we fight
Will be won in due time
Never lose hope
And never lose sight
Never lose faith
For our strength is in Christ

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