Monday, December 6, 2010

Basically this guy George Jakubec was stockpiling large amounts of explosives in the house he was renting.

Below is a link to a story describing officials' plan to dispose of this houseful of ordinance and my depiction of how the conversation went. The house has contained these explosives for months and so far has not exploded. It's unlikely to without something causing it to do so. Keep in mind that residents are not being evacuated while this is all being planned out.

Govt suit #1: "Let's see, shall we.... evacuate residents and try to cart it all out in one bunch?"

Govt suit #2: "No, no that's too risky."

GS#1: "Oh, the stuff seems stable enough to not evac residents while it's in there, let's just cart it off bit by bit and dispose of it!"

GS#2: "No, that's still too risky."

GS#3: "Hey, let's build a wall around it and set it on fire!"

GS#2: "Yeah, that'll do the trick!"

Yahoo! News - Explosive House

So let me get this straight. We have a house full of explosives. Check. For several months now these explosives have been there and have not gone off yet, and are unlikely to without being "prompted" to do so. Check. Residents are told they can stay in their homes while all this is being planned out, so there's no fear of them randomly going off. Check. Officials have already managed to remove and dispose of several pounds of explosive. Check.

And the best plan the government suits can come up with is to set the whole shebang on fire? Now please understand, I'm no expert in the field of explosives and dangerous chemicals, but this can't really be a good idea. Some of these substances decompose at high temperatures, and details are sketchy on exactly what all is in this house but they seem to have confirmed that there are grenades of some sort involved.

Something tells me this has a chance of going horribly, horribly wrong.

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